mood board: illuminated youth

illuminated youth

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2 Responses to mood board: illuminated youth

  1. Vili says:

    Again, this is a great board and you rounded up the trend quite well. Same as with the other piece, adding other images will validate and inspire your direction.
    For example, and the format is quite different but the idea the same, when I did this Americana inspiration piece a while back,, I tried to use as varied of image sources as possible. And it adds so much to the story and it slowly moves you more into a forecast direction than simply an analysis.
    Let me know if any of this doesnt make sense.
    Thanks for posting the Tavi video, it is great and very inspiring. Keep up the amazing work!

    • Jon Miller says:

      Yes, i totally get what you are saying. For example, I could have included images of zines or instruments or something.

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