spring 2014 trend forecast: fake plastic trees

spring 2014 trend forecast: fake plastic trees

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Consumers, growing tired of the over saturation of social technology and the requisite personal branding associated with it, are moving away from overtly industrial trends and looking for ways to return to nature. However, Gen Y has been conditioned to be in control of their surroundings. By owning their space, they distort reality; creating artificial environments. This is nature, but it is candy coated in the colors of the future.

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5 Responses to spring 2014 trend forecast: fake plastic trees

  1. Lauren at adorn la femme says:

    Interesting observation about Gen Y! Fascinating, but I think this generation includes nature with the love of technology and incorporates things like hiking, camping, and enjoying nature in their daily lives!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Vili says:

    It is really interesting how you translated the information and images you found along the Dasha Zhukova quote. It is really on point to take something that you have observed, along the visuals you find and add fantasy to it, that’s essentially trend forecasting. What makes this board so unique is that it is your own unique take on it and also the fact that you allowed for something new, innovative to arrive. You should do another one, you obviously enjoy doing these boards and they are very good. Maybe look at the opposite side, as the consumer nowadays is SO controversial, and analyze what is the dark side of young people, what are they struggling with and how is that being reflected in their fashion. It is worth adding your copy outside of your actual moodboard so that it can be read easily without having to click to enlarge.

    • Jon Miller says:

      I would be happy to do another one! I think you (maybe without realizing it) called me out on the fact that I am projecting a little bit of my own aesthetic/opinion in these forecasts. I am looking forward to a little more joy bubbling up in fashion in the coming year, but that is not the only trend happening!

  3. Vili says:

    Hey Jon,
    We all project our own aesthetics and opinions into these forecatst, and we get hired for these opinions. In the past, I have given the same set of images to different groups in the same class to sort through and to create a forecast out of and the results are always astonishing as every group projects their own vision and understanding of the world onto forecast and the industry really respects that. And at the end, even the message of their forecast is similar, the delivery can be totally different.
    Which is why I say that the more diverse your background is, the more you know and the more you can relate to what’s happening around you to what you know, the better you will be at this. And this is what I love mostly about my job, the fact that I can express my own beliefs and aesthetics through my stories and forecats. I do project my opinions onto the forecasts and I like to think that that’s why I was hired 🙂
    You are a pleasure to work with, keep up the good work and continue to try to understand what is driving your trend direction and understanding of the field. As I said, I try to have conversations with myself in order to understand how my preferences are changing.

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