spring 2014 trend forecast: there is a light that never goes out

spring 2014 trend forecast: there is a light that never goes out

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Shrinking job opportunities have caused young people to defer adulthood. Displaced from the expected life trajectory, they stay in school longer or work in coffee shops despite their degree. However, their dreams do not die. They hold onto hope and look for alternate paths to accomplishing their dreams.  They do not let their fire burn out. They wear bright colors in a sea of black, like totems protecting them from the unknown around them.

Mexican and Catholic aesthetics permeate these styles as youths relate to the sense of displacement expressed in the news about immigration reform and a religion without a leader.

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4 Responses to spring 2014 trend forecast: there is a light that never goes out

  1. Vili says:

    Excellent! You made me think about the displacement expressed in religious and Pagan symbols. Your visuals are great as well as your story. In the future, you can even go more conceptual in building these, this is what I love to do, to look at art and architecture to find inspiration and make it fit into my story, to add things that maybe are not easy to understand how they fit thus creating an unique story that follows the current mood but it truly my own. But your board is truly excellent as is as well!

    Isn’t it so clear now how in a trend analysis you just analyze and review the obvious and in a board like this you need to do the thinking? Which is why I try to push you guys to do both so that you can see how an analysis you can do while you are watching a movie in the background but with a forecast you really need to think and to try to connect dots that sometimes push you out of your comfort zone. There is a lot of confusion in the industry as to what is to analyze and what is to forecast, many people think that when they put together boards of what is showing at fashion week they are creating a forecast, but it is simply an analysis. This is a forecast,

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  4. Eli says:

    Amazing Forecast!!! Excellent how you put all the collage and interpretations together.

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