s/s 2015: dynamic plurality

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Social media has created a new dialogue surrounding the changing American Dream. Crowd sourcing sites such as Kickstarter allow anyone to disseminate an idea, and in doing so become a micro-entrepreneur. Once impossible dreams are actualized through a Dynamic Plurality as disparate people come together to create momentum behind a singular vision. Critical mass is the ultimate resource, allowing any idea to push through a once impossible barrier.

Relationships are created through technology, but not defined by technology.

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2 Responses to s/s 2015: dynamic plurality

  1. Lauren M. says:

    Jonathan I really love your work this week. I commented on your discussion in blackboard that the idea of kickstarter and its momentum is giving me hope for the “little people”, but I took at as more individualistic prospect. But I think you’ve tapped into something deeper than my intitial response: the fact that the individual becomes part of a group and is in that way able to create with the help of lots of other “little people” as supposed to one big corporate entity. Are you interested in pursuing trend forecasting past this class? Because I think you’re great at it!

    • Jon Miller says:

      Thanks Lauren!
      Yes, Kickstarter is amazing! I have a friend doing a documentary, and she just raised $10,000! It is amazing what we can do when we work together and support each other!

      I am considering trend forecasting as a career, but it seems like such a specialized field that would be harder to break into. I am also really interested in product developement/merchandising or buying. I am moving to Portland Oregon in August, so the job market is smaller. So we’ll see!

      PS: You should check out my friends Kickstarter, the film she is doing is going to be AWESOME!

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