s/s 2014 color concept: toxic sea

color concept: toxic seaclick image to enlarge

Seapunk (a youth oriented cultural trend with origins in early 2011 centered around innovators such as Zombelle and Albert Redwine) features colors and themes inspired by a mash-up of late 90’s computer/fractal art and revisionist new-age imagery. The colors are pale shades of green, blue, and pink with heavy nautical leanings. As the young people driven by this trend develop further and mine deeper into 90’s nostalgia, the aesthetic is quickly changing. Themes taken from 90’s children’s cartoon shows such as SpongeBob Square Pants and almost anything on Nickelodeon are seeping in. Colors are becoming much more saturated, electric, and toxic. Where seapunk looked for intersections between nature and technology, this new movement is more fully entrenched in all things plastic, artificial, and saccharine.

(the above image was created for this blog using items purchased from iParty on Boylston St. in Boston MA.)

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