trend reinforcement: nostalgic future


Swedish electro duo, The Knife, have been trend innovators in music, art, fashion, and technology for over a decade. Their new album, Shaking the Habitual, will be released next week. The visual design of this album (color, font, and images) reinforces many of the ideas present in my trend forecast, Nostalgic Future.

From a recent article on the album in Time Magazine:

Don’t freak out if you’re having trouble staring at this vivid cover for more than a few seconds at a time — a clever application of color theory is tripping up your vision. “The colors scintillate,” Carney explains. “They’re the same values, but different hues. There’s no light and dark contrast, there’s only contrast between the colors. It makes the lines shake in your eyes.”

The video for the single, “A Tooth for an Eye”:

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