new strength: artificial mass (material inspiration)

new strength: artificial mass (material inspiration)click image to enlarge

Professional and personal merit is largely no longer about the creation of the tangible, but about the expression and selling of the idea. Imaginary inflated forms are massive but light as they take up invented space projected from the mind. In the past, an idea was a seedling to be nurtured. Now marketing and self-promotion are born in tandem with concept. In an over saturated sea of ideas, it is only the most inflated concepts that have the momentum to rise to the top; whether they are fully formed or simply full of air.

Material themes will be built around voluminous flat forms and their deflated crumpled counterparts. Garments will be constructed with deceptive details depicting texture and mass. Material applications include origami construction, stiff wrinkled wovens, and photo realistic prints of texture.

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