floating color- cultural moodboard

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Artists, designers, and cultural innovators are finding unexpected way to utilize color as a means of changing the world around them.

-Artists Christo and Jeanne-Claude create large scale installations that blanket the world, both urban and rural, in startling color (top right and bottom left). Their most famous work, The Gates, injected bright orange fabric into a snow covered Central park.

-Yarn bombing is a new form of graffiti in which yarn is knit around objects as a way of reclaiming and personalizing sterile or cold public places. At center right is an excellent example of the practice in which a yarn bomber has made a hostile, dark, industrial object feel bright and cozy. The practice of yarn bombing has quickly become a cultural meme.

-Jessi Arrington (upper left) is a blogger, graphic artist, event organizer, and speaker who has made it a personal mission to use color to change the world. One of her best known projects is The Rainbow Parade, the largest of which brought together 179 people. Anyone who wishes to take part is invited. Participants wear monochromatic outfits and arrange themselves in rainbow order. They march through urban areas and spread joy to unsuspecting passerby.

While the creative platforms above may not at first seem to have direct implications for apparel design, the underlying cultural mood inspiring them  is having a similar influence on fashion.

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