soft rebel – f/w 2014 menswear

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Soft Rebel is largely inspired by late 1950’s and early 1960’s menswear trends. Key trends include spread collars, higher waisted pants, knit tops, and cropped tops.

Key items will include camp shirts and gas station jackets.

The color pallete will be made up largely of “muddied” brights; saturated tones that have been dulled down by the addition of green or brown. For the first time in several seasons, we will also begin to see green reemerge as a dominant color. Salmon and chartreuse will be used as accent colors, mostly in prints.

Knit and double knit fabrics will be seen throughout looks for the season, and will add texture and thickness in tops.  Ethnic inspired prints will continue to have relevance, however the influences for these prints will now be coming from new locales. Expect tiki and South East Asian prints and motifs to dominate.

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