a/w 14-15 material forecast: silk satin

adaptable elementsclick image to enlarge

Designer Haider Ackerman presented a directional yet wearable collection for S/S 14 that is applicable to thecontemporary male customer moving forward into A/W 14-15. The common aesthetic element throughout the collection was equal parts 1950’s smoking leisure and blousey Arabian formal; silk satin and brocade were featured as a dominant material. Appearing in a range of warm blues, reds, greens, and yellows, this element is adaptable to a wide range of customers and can be utilized in varying degrees to meet their individual needs.

This fabric can be seen as a more wearable and organic iteration of the metallic trend from previous seasons but is more approachable to the average male customer. Silk satin is a classic holiday material, but depending on color and placement can easily be translated as a seasonal essential for all A/W months. For more adventurous customers, expect this fabric to be used as the main material in blazers, button ups, and pants. In more measured doses, it will be used as trim detail on collars (particularly exciting are the shawl style blazer collars featured above), accessories, shoes, and shadow stripes.

The color palette and silhouette used by Haider Ackermann can be easily translated for fall with the exception of the bright yellow which would be switched out for a more Autumnal mustard shade. When using this material, the silhouette must be kept masculine and classic; tying in to the 50’s and early 60’s trends dominating for A/W 14-15 is essential.


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