s/s 14 runway analysis: color

assignment #4 moodboard - jon millerclick image to enlarge

Cornflower Blue: This color exists in perfect balance between the very soft pastels of previous seasons, and the saturated cobalt blue emerging as a key color for Fall 2014. This shade feels fresh and clean; a perfectly clear prairie summer sky. The transitional nature of this color makes it the perfect vehicle for expression across a wide range of customers. Depending on how it is finished, styled and what colors it is paired with, Cornflower blue can feel demure and ladylike, or edgy and urban.

 Deep Safety Orange: This fully saturated color is sure to be noticed. Though this is a low-chroma version of a more traditional safety orange, it is still very bright and seems to radiate off the wearer. A slightly more red hue prevents this color from being too garish, but it is still not going to be the first choice of a more conservative or even moderate customer. Though in the runway looks above it is featured as the dominant (or  only) color, expect most Deep Safety Orange uses to appear as color pops, or within prints with light backgrounds.

 Considering the nature of the modern female consumer and her need for fast new trends each season, it is not surprising that quickest trend to change (color) is being manifested in two seemingly opposite directions. Though upon closer inspection of the two key colors for Spring/Summer 2014, there are also many similarities to be found. Both feel bright and airy; representing a joyful exuberance and a desire to be fully aware and present.

Of the two, Cornflower blue will emerge as the most important color for Spring/Summer 2014. As mentioned, it is easily wearable with the potential for universal appeal. It is important to note that the most common way this color is being kept modern is by pairing it with inky black details such as notions/trim and accessories.

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